About Us

We are a mobile computer service provider, bringing computer services to you.

We have been involved in computer and technology repairs and services for some years. In 2014 we decided to combine our efforts towards creating a business providing needed services in a friendly manner with the aim of ensuring our customers were happy and understood their technology better than before we arrived. We want to step outside the usual techie syndrome by doing our best to help our customers understand what we do for them and also providing value added services to help our customers enjoy their technology as much as possible.


A background originally in accounting, tax and then IT, Mark has a Bachelor of Commerce, Master of Business Administration, Master of Project Management, and Diploma in Information Technology (Networking) so can look at your issues with depth and from varied perspectives. Mark has interests in virtualisation, security, privacy, linux and custom builds. Mark is a keen fisherman in his spare time – enjoying Bass fishing in Hinze Dam and North Pine Dam.


With a background in computer and technology repairs, gaming and custom builds; Wayne provides a youthful and energetic perspective to the team. Wayne has completed his Diploma of Information Technology (Networking) and is currently working towards his Bachelor of Information Technology majoring in system services. Wayne enjoys gaming and activities like sky diving.

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