Our Custom Builds

Some of our Custom Builds already completed include:

1. AMD 8 Core

Case Fractal Design Define R4 USB3.0 Mid Tower Titanium
Motherboard ASUS Sabertooth-990FX-R2
CPU AMD FX 9370 8 core Black edition (overclocked)
Cooling Antec 920 liquid cooling
RAM 16 GBHyperX Blu
Graphics ATI R7 260 X
PSU Antec VP-550P
HDD Western Digital VelociRaptor 1TB 64MB 10,000rpm
Monitors Acer UHD 4K 28” + Dell 27”

This machine runs Windows 8.1 as well as multiple virtual machines running predominantly Linux OSes, TV tuner / player / recorder, and various business applications. The Fractal Design R4 case and liquid cooling keeps it quiet even with seven fans installed. The Fractal Design R4 case has excellent sound proofing and the Antec 920 liquid cooling includes software that automatically adjusts fan and pump speeds to only what is required, hence they run quietly most of the time.

2. Intel i7

Case Corsair CC500R Black Carbide
Motherboard ASUS Z97-K
CPU Intel i7-4790 K
Cooling Corsair H110 liquid cooling 280mm radiator
RAM 16 GBG Skill Ripjaws-X
Graphics ATI R9-270 2GB
PSU Corsair CS650M 80 Plus Gold
HDD Western Digital Velociraptor 10,000rpm
Monitors Acer UHD 4K 28” + Dell 27”

This machine runs Linux (currently Mint 17-1 XFCE) as well as multiple virtual machines – both Linux and Windows. It is considerably louder than the AMD 8 core machine above. The Corsair H110 has no software controller for the fans or liquid cooling pump.

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    1. Hi Ray, apologies for the late reply. Sadly had a major medical event in the family and am just getting back to work.
      We charge $80 per hour for service work. Custom builds costs are determined by the components used in the build. If you are unsure of what components you need, let us know what you want the computer to do and we can send you options which we believe will suit your needs. These can be adjusted for any specific components you wish to include (or exclude).

      Kind regards,

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