Here at Hi-tec Computers we pride ourselves on providing a range of services from basic hardware and software issues, internet and email connectivity issues, to complex custom builds and data recovery. Our excellent team provides quality and quick services at great prices. We will explain the issue and keep you informed of what we are doing in a clear understandable manner.

Internet, Network and Email Connectivity Issues

Internet connections are often lost after power fluctuations, software updates and new hardware connections. New printers and multi-function devices (printer / scanner / fax) can leave you frustrated and angry as they won’t play properly with your computers, tablets, laptops, or other devices.

We can assist you in re-establishing your Internet, network connections, email accounts and get your printer / multi-function device to work happily with your existing devices.

Virus Cleans and Scans

Computer running slow, programs not responding, strange messages and malware warnings coming up – we can clean your machine and provide you with a reputable licensed full security suite.

Software Installs & Upgrades

Need additional software installed? Software updates not installing properly or causing errors with your other programs? Unsure which program suites your needs? Let the Hi-tec Computers team help you resolve your software issues and get it all running smoothly.

Hardware Repairs

Computer isn’t starting, laptop screen broken, computer beeping at you or even that awful blue screen of death. Hardware faults could be the cause, Let us solve all your hardware needs.

Data Recovery

Need important documents or pictures recovered or transferred to a new machine – our simple and effective methods can save your files!

Standard Builds

Want a simple and quick computer, we have a selection of standard computer builds that may suit your needs.

Custom Builds

We build custom computers to suit your needs. From a basic student computer to a high performance computer – we can build the machine for you.

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